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Millions of users around the world are already cooking with our Kitchen Stories app - and now it's your turn! Publish your own culinary creations and enjoy thousands of free recipes including HD video instructions for cooking and baking. Cook fresh and easy every day with our 5 star app!
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The App at a Glance

New Recipes every Day

New Recipes every Day
Try inspiring or speedy recipes every day and discover helpful tips in our articles about baking & co

Cooking Step by Step

Cooking Step by Step
No matter if cooking tasty meals or simply baking, here you find recipes with simple step by step instructions

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials
Become a pro chef with helpful video tutorials

Free for You

Free for You
The app is completely cost-free. We don't need to say more, do we?

Save Recipes in Your Individual Cookbooks

Create your personal profile and save your favorites in a personalized cookbook. You can create multiple cookbooks and you will never lose a favorite recipe again.

Change Quantities & Use the Shopping List

Use the quantity calculator to easily adjust units for your meal and plan shopping for your recipes with the automated shopping list.

Create Your Own Recipes

Share your recipes with our international community by uploading them. With our insider tips, you'll learn how to take the best photos and videos of your dishes and how to write recipes that will be loved and shared by the community.

Endless Recipe Ideas With Cookbook+

Cookbook+ is an in-app feature and enables you to search recipes aside from Kitchen Stories on the web and add and organize them to your cookbooks.


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"One of the best designed recipe apps I know of while being highly functional, intuitive to use, with very tasty recipes."


"Excellent app, modern design, appealing photos and recipes for everyone."


"The feature to create my own cookbooks is really nice. I divide recipes into categories like 'to try', 'delicious',.... ."


"I have already cooked a few recipes and I must say the app is really cool! It encourages you to try new things."


"I finally found a free app with lots of great dishes that shines with a clear interface and almost no ads!"


"I love the fact that you can create your own cookbooks based on your own preferences. And also the option to upload your own recipes and share them with the community."

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