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The happy and friendly Kitchen Stories team working in the illustrated kitchen.

Nice to Meet You!

We’re a food-tech company that strives to have an impact on the everyday cooking of millions of aspirational home cooks and at the same time, the lives of the inspiring team behind it all. Being part of the Kitchen Stories team means being surrounded by a diverse crowd of talented food lovers. You will find an appreciative, collaborative work environment that fosters individual development and where transparency and trust across the company are key. Keep scrolling to get to know us better!

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Our Values

Stay Curious — and Hungry

We are a team of curious food lovers. We explore new dishes and dive into new technologies. We discuss, start, fail, learn, and move forward by living out agile principles.
The Kitchen Stories team is having a cooking test.
The Kitchen Stories team is shooting the fish recipe.

Teach a (Wo)man to Fish

Learning and development are a continuous and welcome part of everyone’s job here. By taking ownership of projects in a supportive and high-trust environment with close cross-functional collaboration, we learn from and inspire each other.

Serve it up Family-Style

As diverse as tastes are, so should our company be. We are striving to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels empowered and everyone experiences a sense of belonging.
The kitchen Stories team is having team lunch together.

Toast-ally worth it! 

Toast-ally worth it! 

Toast-ally worth it! 

Toast-ally worth it! 

Toast-ally worth it! 

Toast-ally worth it! 

Life at Kitchen Stories


Food Editor
“The team at Kitchen Stories is unlike any other I have worked in. Supportive, passionate and curious. Each individual is committed to constant improvement for our users, building towards overarching goals that everyone is on board with. Experimentation, testing and learning are a part of every day, and we aren’t afraid to try new things. The combination of warm office culture and flexible remote arrangements is an added bonus.”


Strategic Partnerships Manager
“Kitchen Stories is simply a way of living! The love for food, the openness to new ideas and the high degree of flexibility in my job have made Kitchen Stories the best working place I’ve ever had. Plus, it's amazing to work in such a young and motivated team! 💛 ”
Photo of Ruben.


Director of Engineering
“Everyone in the team is really friendly and willing to jump on challenges: we look at the data, make a bet, and try something out. We learn from our mistakes and we try to keep things moving in small simple steps to tackle our big goals. When your work involves solving problems all day, it makes all the difference doing it with folks you enjoy spending time with.”

Our Office

Our spacious office located in Prenzlauer Berg is the heart of Kitchen Stories. The open space concept with well-equipped desks, three show kitchens, a test kitchen, a team kitchen, two photo studios and lots of social space is the ideal setting for us to cook, produce content, programme new features and enjoy the social aspects of on-site work.

Why Work at Kitchen Stories?

A few of our Special Ingredients


We enjoy coming together, creating relationships, and sharing stories, ideas, and food. In addition to two company-wide team events, we offer various opportunities for socializing and building our internal KS community.


As one size fits all isn’t likely to fit anyone, so we offer highly flexible work schedules and opportunities to work abroad to ensure that work fits into your personal life, not the other way around.

Learn & Grow

Our growth goes hand in hand with the development of our team members. We invest in your future with bi-annual development talks, a generous training budget, and five paid training days per year.


We bring our company motto "Anyone Can Cook" to life as we truly believe that the love for food and cooking can unite and connect people across generations, languages, and cultures.

People First

Our team members should always feel valued and cared about as human beings first. Celebrating personal milestones and special accomplishments is just one of the many things we do to build this.

Inclusive Structure

Our organizational set-up is clear, simple, flexible, and non-restrictive. In this environment, influence is independent of position and every opinion is heard, valued, and counted equally.

Your Application Process


Do you want to join our mission of shaping the cooking experience of millions of aspirational home cooks? We’d love to hear from you.
You're applying for a job.


No fancy cover letters are needed, you can keep it short and simple: Tell us who you are and why you want to join our team. An email confirmation will tell you that everything was received. Please bear with us if it takes a bit of time until you hear back and, in the meantime, get to know us even better by browsing our platform for recipe inspiration or finding us on Instagram or LinkedIn.


Now’s the time to get to know each other! Bring your full self, don’t hold back any questions, and be honest and upfront about your expectations.
You're have an Interview with our HR.


Although the exact interview process varies from role to role, here is a general outline: You will learn more about KS, the role and the team set up in an initial video call with our P&O team. Then you will talk to your potential new lead, work on a small case, and meet a handful of key stakeholders in the final interview round, ideally on-site. Someone from the P&O team will be your contact person during the whole process ensuring smooth and transparent communication.


Instead of focusing on the best talent, we want to find the right talent for each role.
You get the job!


Once the interview process is completed, we will take some time to make a well-considered decision. No matter the outcome, you will hear from us. If we think you are a great fit for what we are looking for, we will call you, and be more than happy if you decide to join our team. If you weren’t selected for the role, but made it to the final round, we will provide comprehensive feedback about our decision.

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People & Organisation Manager
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Senior People Operations Manager

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Head of People & Organisation
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